Compared to racing a Vette down the Mulsanne straight, facing a 100 MPH fastball, downhill skiing or most other sports, golf seems like a rather pedestrian sport. I remember watching several athletes from various sports discussing pressure on a late night talk show. The famous pro golfer said nothing can have more pressure than facing a short putt to win a major championship, the race car driver calmly said "no one ever died missing a putt.

Apparently pressure is a relative experience.

Each athlete must learn to deal with whatever pressures exert themselves. Pressure is really just an emotional reaction to a situation. With calm confidence the pressure disappears. Situational pressure is not a real happening, it is one we create facing a situation we fear, have uncertainty or doubt about.

The FUD factor has created stage fright, the CHOKE, the yips, procrastination, paralysis by analysis and even quitting. Remember watching Sergio Garcia gripping and re-gripping the club for what felt like an eternity?

So how do we handle self created pressure, simply by creating pressure! Yes to handle pressure you have to experience pressure. Most golfers have little if any pressure when they practice, unless they find a way to create it. Tiger Woods staying on the practice green until he made 100 six foot putts, IN A ROW!

Imagine you have a tee shot with a forced carry over water of 135YDS, don't leave the tee until you have struck 20 consecutive balls online over 135 yards. Twenty 10 yard chips with 1 putt or less, in a row.

I remember playing with my grandfather when I was maybe 12. I was facing a 90YD shot over water to a tight pin and so I set up for a pitch out to the right of the water, that would have left a longer shot but at least not over the water. My grandfather asked, "Why?" I said I didn't have confidence in the shot. He asked me if I had a club I could hit 100 yards. "Of course", I said. "Well, hit that club with that swing and with confidence. Act like you are confident!" Graps said. I did and it worked, from then on I committed to act confidently whatever I was doing.

Confidence trump pressure and confidence can be faked!